Thursday, May 8, 2008

Dita Von Teese as inspiration

Ahh fashion. I've never been one who particularly follows fashion trends. I'm such a laid-back person when it comes to how I dress myself or what I look like. My personal style could probably only be described as an art student. I really don't know what style I fir into, I typically wear guy's shorts or skirts with very basic t-shirt like tops and usually a light hoodie. Oh, and my footwear is pretty much flip flops all year round. I dislike closed-toed shoes when I know I'm going to be out walking for long periods of time. As far as makeup goes, I rarely wear it. In fact, a few days ago I wanted to pretty myself up and I couldn't find all my makeup. It was quite sad, and I hope this just means I left most of it at home.

My hair is always pulled back, but it is also muti-coloured. I've been dying my hair unnatural colours for over 6 years now and have no intention on going back to my natural, boring, shade of brown. I also sport a centred lip piercing and small streched earlobes, but that's it. That's as fancy as I get!

Even though I don't dress fashionable, I do enjoy looking at attractive women and their personal fashion. At the moment, I really like the style of Dita Von Teese.

I'm aware that she's gained immese mainstream popularity in recent years but I've always loved her style. To me, she has kind of a weird face but she's also transformed herself quite a bit from her high school days:

She's always dressed to the nines. From what I recall, she doesn't like going out without looking her best, which is quite nice. Her corsets are simply amazing, and even when she's completely nude, she stil holds a graceful style most of us wish we could pull off. Dita's fashion is actually quite modest considering her career, and I like that dichotomy. She isn't prancing about in skimpy outfits outside of her show, for that I hold quite a bit of respect.

While I know I could never pull off her style, I do wish younger girls would take a hint from Dita and realize there's a difference between sexy and slutty. Dita's classic look is perfection with modestly. This is a key element that a lot of young women don't pay attention to any more, and that is quite sad.

You know, I think I would love to see someone embody Dita's 1950's style for that Dockers contest I mentioned a few posts back. That really would be pretty cool to see a Dockers ad showing the same sort of classic fashion.


If anybody does enter into the Dockers contest, no matter if your commercial has anything to do with Dita's style or not, let me know. I'd love to see it!
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Polina said...

Also like Dita's style, but it seems to me that it's for celebrities only, this type of clothes is suitable for some special occasions, not for everyday wear:(