Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Ooooo Canon!

I didn't realize this because I've been out of the state for so long, but apparently our old Epson printer was on its last legs. My father has been shopping around for multifunction printers and finally decided on the Canon MP260. We picked one up from Best Buy today, because it had the lowest price of $109.

I think the main selling point for my dad is that it's wireless. After some fiddling around today on both of our laptop, we were able to get it to work perfectly. This makes me quite excited, since now I can just print from anywhere! It's also got some pretty cool scanner/copier features. Pretty nice early family holiday present I'd say.

Traveling Uninsured?

So I can't help but wonder, what with how expensive it is to just travel these days, who gets travel medical insurance? I mean, I suppose it's very useful if you're planning on a month-long trip, but for the casual tourist, that seems like quite an unnecessary expense.

Maybe I'm being shortsighted with this, but I don't think I can imagine any trip I'll take where I need extra insurance. Well, let me rephrase that. I can only hope I'll get to take a trip where I should buy extra insurance, because then I know I'm in for a fabulous vacation.

Tomorrow, So Much Food

Oh man, Thanksgiving is tomorrow already?! I can't believe it. The years go by quickly and we'll have the house full of people again for our annual hosting duties.We feed everyone quite generously, with tomorrow featuring a 22lb turkey, ham and even venison sausage (that's new). We're not alone in our gluttonous givings, of that I'm sure. I'm also sure that after tomorrow's feast, people around the nation will be considering that new diet pill, hiding their scale, and locking their fridge for a day.

Oh yes, I'm looking forward to the two Thanksgivings I'll be attending. And hoping that all that food does slow me down for black friday. The first I've gone to in about 8 years.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

End of Quarter

And so, 3 months later, another quarter comes to an Thursday. Close enough.

I'm looking forward to having my HP back in my arms. This Dell has been lovely and much better to use than the old HP that just runs on batteries, but...I'll have bloody CS4 on the other machine...and it's bigger!

I'm going to miss my major when I graduate. It's so much fun and I couldn't be happier with the major I chose. I doubt I'll look back on my life and regret choosing Sequential Art to study. It's just way to much fun, and I'm glad I followed my childhood dream. Even if I get a craptacular career because I'm doodling comics, at least I fulfilled my dream.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Nice Vacation is Appropriate Now

I do feel bad, I haven't been able to devote myself to VisArts as much as possible this quarter. It's just been too busy with art history and trying to finish work very nicely. A vacation is so needed right now. Not a vacation where I go to some hotels las vegas, or travel down to Florida or something, just a vacation where I can sit alone and play video games and colour comics.

Yeah, that'd be nice. Then I can finally devote enough time to finishing VisArts stuff, and making it work.

Going Home

So I know I've been very...distant...from this blog lately. That's primarily because this entire quarter has been chockfull of work. And I'm trying my hardest to do my best since this is my last year, last shot to learn all I can. In about 2 weeks, I'll be home again. Home to my cold state, cold room, and warm heater. I may not have a tankless water heater, but a ceramic works well enough in my little den.

This should be an excellent break, all things considered, because I'll have a Xbox and t.v. My room will be a lovely womb of games and comics.