Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Comment Policy

I quite enjoy getting comments from people but I've got a bit of a pet peeve about people using keywords like "dental equipment for less!" or "monster trucks 3.99" as their signed name. I know you are just commenting to get Google links and frankly I think it's cheap and ugly. I am not going to approve any comments that have obvious link-generating keywords as the commenter's name. Let me repeat that:

I will not approve your comment if you sign using a keyword generating name.

I will also not approve your comment if you copy and paste pieces of my post and try to pass that off as your own comment. I have received a few losers who've attempted this and it's exactly the reason why I moderate all comments. I'm all about blog-link-love, but I won't tolerate spam.

If you enjoy my blog and care enough to comment, you will respect my wishes. I don't mind if the link from your name leads to a money-making blog/website, but please don't use that as your name. It's rather annoying.


I've been somewhat missing from this blog lately and I apologise. I'm working on another website and so far all my classes have done a good job keeping me bogged down in work. Over the next few weeks I plan on updating with more artwork so you can see my pitiful attempts at Sequential loveliness. Like this lil' 'ol thang:

It's one of my next projects. Hopefully I can remember to take some process shots as I work on inking this baby and making it into some form of awesome portfolio piece.