Thursday, February 26, 2009

Warm, Goosey Glow

One thing I really hate about this dumb dorm rooms is the lighting. It's just awful. 4 long fluorescent bulbs on the ceiling, covered by plastic, that give the room a bright white sanatorium feeling when turned on. That's why I bought a gooseneck standing lamp, and it's been my faithful giver of light for 3 years now.

The only time the overhead lights are turned on in my room is when we're just stopping in for something quick, or the lamp is packed away. That's it. This year I don't think we've had the lights on for more then 10 minutes at a time. Even when I'm drawing, the gooseneck lamp is good enough.

Really, good lighting is needed to make a dorm room feel inviting and lived in, not stark and ugly. It also cuts down on my migraines, I've noticed. I'll have a rule against fluorescent tube lighting in my house. Henceforth, it shall be forbidden.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Certify This!

All my life I've known I wanted to be an artist. I've never had any doubt that it is my passion and dream to be able to illustrate for my career. Whether it's comic books, spot illustrations, or creative graphic design pieces, I'm there. That's my world. I've never been interested in math or science, as I find those to be dull subjects that I would just muck though in college. They're not creative or interesting to me in the least, but I understand that's a personal preference. I know how important math and science jobs are, and I respect those that choose to live their lives doing that. I also know that these people will make far more money then I can ever hope to doodling away, and for that, I am jealous.

Though I will say that I far more enjoy learning in the environment that I'm in, with small classes and getting to draw comics. It's a much better alternative to 300 students in a giant lecture hall, clacking away at their laptops while the professor drones on about calculus or whatnot. As well as the fact that you can continue to get degrees while working, which isn't something you can really do in a illustration field. I suppose you could also get a certificate online, in a programme like what Saint Joseph's University offers. They let you get your
CAPM certificate for project management.

I've got to admit, I was a little confused as to what project management actually means, since it sounds like such a generic umbrella term. It also seems like a certificate that only pads your resume more, though I suppose it could also help greatly with leading teams. As a complete outsider, I found SJU's website to be easy to navigate and understand what Project Management actually means. It's really a continuation certificate for those already in an office environment who want to learn leadership skills. Which is important for any job, not just math and science related ones.

Though this is a world I'll hopefully never know, I wonder how important a certificate in project management is to getting a promotion and larger paycheck. If any of you guys have one, please, let me know how it's helped you in your field. I'm genuinely curious.

It's a 24 week course, and while I have no problems with leading or time management, I know plenty of kids at college who could probably benefit from such a thing. Even though this is art school. The career choices page, which details types of occupations and median wages is pretty interesting to look over. If nothing else, to find out how much a laboratory manager or teaching assistant makes annually.

It's nice to have programmes like this one, designed for people who need a little extra push to excel at work. Though I would never, ever, go back and choose a different school or major, looking at what people could earn with CAPM certificates makes me a tad jealous.

Oh well, I'll just get back to my painting.

2 more weeks

Only 2 more weeks till the end of the quarter! I’m both excited and afraid of what this end of the quarter will bring. Hopefully, good things. All around. Right now I’m working on my last project for comics painting, a mixed media 4 page piece based on the Edgar Allen Poe poem, The Conqueror Worm. Should be quite fun.

I’ve also got about 32 pages done from my artbook. I’m pretty happy with it so far, it’s something I’ve wanted to do and I’m fairly content with the results. Hopefully, my professor will see that I’ve been working quite hard and grade me based on that. It’s all I can hope for at this point.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Never been to the OBX

I live in Maryland, but I've yet to really spend time on the Outer Banks (or OBX, as bumper stickers would indicate). I don't know why, I've just never really been out there for more then maybe a few hours. There's never been any family out there, I don't really go boating, and we don't do any Outer Banks rentals of property, so what's the point?

I've become less and less of a fan of beaches over the years. It's not so much that I don't like going in the ocean, I used to love swimming, is that I don't particularly care for the sun or tourists. Quiet beaches can be so serene and calming, but I don't think I'd really get that if I were to go to the Outer Banks for a summer holiday. I'm quite happy staying inside, by DC, and enjoying my quiet, homely, comfort.

CC deep discounts= good times

Ohhh the buying of things at Circuit City continues....

Their liquidation sale has finally granted our patience. J and I visited the local store every weekend since the announcement, biding out time till the discounts were great enough. I don't understand the stupid people who bought so much stuff the first weekend, it was only 10-20% off! Of original retail price! That's more expensive then you can find it on Amazon or Best Buy. Stupid people.

We waited until games and DVDs were 40-50% off, and it was worth it. I've gotten The Simpsons seasons 7 and 8 as well as the movie and Memento. I also got a pack of 50 Double Layer DVD+Rs for $30. Pretty nice.

One more visit, in the hopes of just one more big discount (if the sale is even on, I know they're supposed to end it all in March) and we'll be done.

We are soooooo geeky. But frugal, which is good.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Quiet Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day was pretty quiet this year. We didn't do too much, other then go out to a nice restaurant and have delicious Thai food followed by wonderful ice cream. We didn't get each other gifts or anything, so no sexy chemises for me or anything baked for J.

I suppose it's a bit boring, but we're a boring couple. I prefer to have a boyfriend who doesn't like going out to parties, but prefers to stay in and watch a movie while eating take out. Ahhhh romance.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Try Again

Okay, I've been lazy enough these past several weeks. Along with schookwork, I'm going to try out Yourself Fitness, a game that's as close to Wii Fit that I can find for the Xbox. I'll never try diet pills, shakes, or powders, but I can try video games.

The worst that happens is that it won't do anything and I'll have a game collecting dust. The best is that it'll really work and I'll loose weight.

30 minutes a day, 5 days a week. That's my goal. Let's see how this goes.