Saturday, June 30, 2007


I suppose this is still going with my traditional run I seem to have kept up the past few SSS's.

A fruit still life, with a little wooden shark.

We had to draw fruit for one of my more dull drawing courses. Most people chose apples, pears, and oranges. Boring fruit, boring boring boring. I decided to take on a challenge and pick up a prickly pear, starfruit, and uhm...wooden shark. I'm sure he'd be quite tasty.

The experience has taught me that drawing starfruit is a pain, and that a single bright clamp-lamp placed next to your fruit for days on end will rot it terribly. Thus making any hope of munching said subject futile.

My friend's apples all had one round section that was nicely cooked at the end of day 1. Perfect for use in a pie or other baked good. I, smartly, had been transporting my fruit in a little plastic baggy hidden away inside my satchel and stored in a fridge when home. That didn't help preserve them at all. I became desperate and started freezing my fruit.

One day I opened up my bag to find a plastic baggy of green ooze. The prickly pear popped and gooed all over my wrinkly little starfruit. Luckily by this point I was close to finishing anyway so I could discard the fruit.

In conclusion, to edit the popular W.C. Field's saying, "Artists should never work with children, animals, and exotic fruit".

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Everything's Gone

Everthing's out of the old building. We're moving to the new one this week, even though next week my boss is on vacation so I get to work from home (yes!). It's quite excellent.

Today was a mess of running around between the movers and seeing what was free to take and what we should trash/take to the new office.

I made out with a free printer, some sparkling cider and various art supplies.


Now I'm somewhat tired, but happy that that's all done and I'll get to use my fast little laptop instead of the dinosaur of a computer I've had to use.

Oh also, we have to create a book that will be published that's related to the exhibition. In about 4 months. Sounds...not really feasible.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


I have officially finished the press release for our September exhibition!

That along with the mailings of con-fliers to people means that we are actually producing work!

This makes me rather excited. It's much more thrilling than emailing and searching online for contact info.

Sunday, June 24, 2007


Well, I suppose now is as good a time as any to talk about commissions.

I'm sure a good portion of my art is not really...attractive to most people. I'm somewhat specialized. However, I am rather diverse in the mediums I work in.

To see more of my art, visit my Deviant Art account.

If anyone is interested in a commission, here is what I typically do, however I am open to new suggestions and ideas.:

-digital (i.e. Adobe Photoshop)paintings
-traditional media such as charcoal, coloured pencil, pastel, watercolour, ink, and acrylic
-a cartoony/manga style
-life drawings. nude or clothed, male or female.
-gothic lolita
-adorable animals

It's tricky, pricing really depends on what you're interested in and the size. For example, a 14x9" charcoal portrait might cost $45 whereas a 8 1/2x11 black and white fanart of Card Captor Sakura would cost $15. I also charge more for multiple figures/characters. It's like a tattoo shop, more work=more money. Although, a little less permanent.
I own all rights to original artwork. You may not proclaim a piece I drew as your own work. That's just plain rude and dumb. I reserve the right to showcase a commission on my Deviant Art account or other websites(including this one). However, for you to use it on the web, if not specified initially, I need to be informed.

I will not draw hentai or porn, some softcore nudity is fine. You may not distribute my work. If you are interested in some sort of distribution deal, we can talk about that.

I can refuse to complete the commission if you turn out to be a creepy psychopath or a rude son of a bitch. In which case, you would get your money back.

I require that you pay me first before I begin the commission, I've had too many instances where someone didn't go through with the purchase.

If you use one of my pieces as a tattoo design, I'd love to see the end result!

If you like my work, please recommend me to your friends!

I currently accept payment via PayPal only. Once we discuss the commission, I'll provide that address.
Anything else:
I'm always up for doing commercial work, and have some skill in website development (as long as I get credit for either).
I rather enjoy designing original clothing as well as working with people to flesh out their own, perhaps not as well drawn, creations. If you happen to make a costume out of a design I drew, I'd love to see photos of it! Really, if you do anything with one of my drawings, I really enjoy getting a copy/photo of it.

To contact me, either leave a comment here with your email address and what you would like, or email me directly at ubiquitousg [at] gmail [dotcom], with the subject being Commission.
I guess that's it. For any other questions you can leave a comment or email me ^.^

Heart Tattoo

eep! Sorry about not posting this during the correct time on Saturday. A cousin emergency came up.

Oh well. Today we have another reclining figure drawing. This one was done over two days, about 4 hours I'd say. Well...okay, perhaps I finished it in 2 1/2 hours and spent the rest of the class working on a self portrait...

I still don't think I lost much by ending early.

I actually don't have the original of this piece anymore, the model requested to keep it since she liked it so much. I happily obliged.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Intern away!

A small update on the internship that will be taking up my life as I know it for the next few months.

It's going well I'd say. So far I've done little more than help find contact information for potential sponsors as well as guests for the comic-con. That'll be quite interesting if we actually get any responses.

I've also got the great duty of creating a website for the convention. I'm rather excited about that. It's another thing to add to my web-design experience!

It's not that large of a building, I kind of wonder what will happen if for some strange reason we get a ton of people wanting to attend.

Oh well, guess we'll just have to sit back and see.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Something a Little More Traditional

For this Saturday I want to show something a little different. If you have taken the time to check out my Deviant Art page, you'll notice I post a lot of contemporary style piece. Generally coloured with Photoshop, or another digital media. Well, I can actually draw realistically, I just don't find it as fun. That's what the piece for this Saturday is, a figure drawing.

I've been drawing women all my life, they are my muse of choice. My parents would really like me to diversify my portfolio, my father constantly asks why I don't draw guys. Well, I took a figure drawing course this past quarter and guess what, only two models were male. Of those two men, we never got a chance to draw a full-body piece with them (just quick gesture and head sketches). Which means that in the end my portfolio is once again filled with women. Go figure.

*note: if anyone has a problem with this and future nude images I may post here, please take into consideration that it is a figure drawing. Meant to observe and enjoy the beauty of the human form. Not to be taken in a sexual way at all.*

Friday, June 15, 2007

An Age Old Question

Who would win in a fight between a panda and a moose?

Thursday, June 14, 2007

exhibition excitement

So paying money to study comics seems to have paid off before graduation.

I landed a lovely little internship with the local arts center, helping them out with a comic exhibition that happens in September when they open their new building.

No idea what the hours are, seems I make my own. However, the woman I talked to seemed rather excited to work with me, so that's a good sign.

heh, I wonder if I can use the contacts (some comic book publishers)to my advantage XD

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Link whorin'! Fun for the whole family

I like what Electric Venom is doing. Shameless link whoring via trackbacks!So therefore, I'm biting her back.

Or at least attempting too.

Seriously though, Electric Venom is quite an interesting woman. Her entries make me giggle with amusement. Epic amusement. And how can you not like a Venomous girl?

I highly suggest checking out her blog.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Resin Lovin

I feel a little awkward about publishing a link to a website that's not done yet, but I want opinions from other web designers/typical internet users.

I've been working on my friend's website for her small Dollfie clothing shop. Wiki entry on Dollfies, for all who don't know.

It's been kind of slow going, what with school and all that. As well as how busy she is. But I think I finally have it to a place where I'm confident to show it to the outside world.

The site is It's optimized for at least Firefox and every IE up to 7. I have not tested it on other web browsers, so please let me know how this looks.

Please keep in mind that only the layout is complete. All text editing (such as clothing descriptions as well as a few pages) have been left to my friend to fill in. So it's a little barebones content-wise.

C'mon web designers! Help me out here!

Friday, June 8, 2007

I'm a Banana

I know I know, it's not Saturday yet...but I feel bad because I missed last Saturday. This'll be a small post anyway. With a small image. About Bananas.

It's just a small little marker piece about bananas. So there, I don't always just draw women.

Although I do have a few figure drawings I need to photograph and upload. Perhaps soon.

For more of my art please visit my Deviant Art page

Fluxin' Eternally

I'm not really familiar with any of Eternal Flux's weblogs, but after browsing them, I'm going to have to friend her. She just seems fantastic!

Her newest (and last?) blog, here on blogspot, is off to a good start. Making use of alliteration weekdays *SpectacularSpectralSaturdays anyone?* is cute. Heh, alliteration labels seem to go hand in hand with bloggers. We're all nerds.

Even though her blog is new she's off too a great start with the 8 Things meme. I certainly was able to find similar interests, like Wiccan/Halloween/tattoos. Fantastic and I'm looking forward to reading more from her.

Fridgy Friday

Completely random but I just won a mini fridge from Blog About Your Blog!


Thanks Matt ^.^

Tuesday, June 5, 2007


grr to one word titles >.<

I did this also on my Livejournal, Insanity at a Glance. The answers posted there differ a little than these ones. So I guess I'm really revealing more like 16 things about me huh? Man, I must be in a sharin' mood!

Anyhoo, on to the 8 Things survey.

Each player lists 8 facts/habits about themselves. The rules of the game are posted at the beginning before those facts/habits are listed. At the end of the post, the player then tags 8 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know that they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog.

I don't know who to tag, but if you want me to tag you, just leave a comment and a link to your post!

1. I own more lotion and soap bottles than I need. Pretty, girly lotions and soap. I really only need one of each, but through gifts and being a girl, I've acquired more.

2. I need to have my toenails and fingernails painted all the time, and they must be in at least two different colours/shades. I can't fathom spending money to get this done. I've been doing this since I was 7. If I don't have nailpolish on either nails, I get nervous and anxious.

3. I used to not move my lips when I spoke. In elementary school I had a woman (who dealt with the special ed kids) visit me weekly during class and take me outside to practise speaking while moving my mouth. Sometimes I revert back to not moving my mouth, just to see if I can.

4. My eyesight's absolutely terrible. I believe my prescription is 10diopters, which means I can see about 2 inches in front of my face before everything gets blurry. This makes it very hard to use eyeliner if I don't have contacts in.

5. The only celebrity I have met not at a convention is LL Cool J. I bumped into him in a New York restaurant. Literally. My party was leaving and I wasn't watching when I pushed the door open. He was on his cell phone and just brushed me off, I felt a little awkward. Now I always look out when I open restaurant doors, for fear I might run into another famous person.

6. I have a plethora of useless art supplies. Stuff that I needed once or adopted, but will probably never use. It makes my heart ache that I have a bunch of lovely charcoal bits but my major requires only inks and pencils.

7. I have one tattoo and three piercings. I also dye my hair blue consistently. I can't imagine having to remove my piercings or dye for work, so far I haven't had to. That makes my head hurt.

8. Sometimes I wonder if I should have gone into business or psychology. There's several reasons for this, chief among them being how the hell am I going to live a cushy life if I rely on freelance work. Also, schools that offer that, even really good ones, are cheaper than art school.

Sooo....yea. I really don't know who reads this blog and would want to be tagged, but if you do just leave a comment and I'll tag you formally :P


It's late and I'm still rather unhappy with this layout. I guess it's more to work on tomorrow. Silly Blogger apparently likes to let me download my full template but when I try to upload the altered template (which was nothing more than a few image replacements), gives me an error.

Says my HEAD tag needs to be closed. Hey genius, I did that. You, Blogger, left the damn tag opened. After a quick fix of that, it still gives me the same error message.



Stupid templates.

On a semi-related note, I really really really need to finish up my friend's website. I feel rather bad about how slowly it's going. Just getting all her photo's lined up and edited is so mind-numbing, but I love the results. Too bad she had to contact me during finals. And now I'm sitting on my butt lazily dealing with my weblog instead of finishing her site. I need to kick myself into gear.

That's my plan, get her site done and up tomorrow. Also, colour at least one sequential page. My goal is to get 5 done by the end of this week. Technically, I have five fully inked and toned pages of sequential art, but I need to do a few full colour ones. And in different styles. My hope is that I can get some work as a colorist this summer (a person who fills in the colour on comic pages after the inker has neatly outlined everything in black). That would be most excellent.

On a completely unrelated note, my post titles and labels automatically convert to Hindi once I press the spacebar. It doesn't affect my actual posts, but what is up with that? I have no recollection of turning anything on that would make my titles and labels do this? Also, they didn't seem to convert to Hindi until last week, which is why I'm using single word titles.

Any ideas on how to remedy this odd situation?

Saturday, June 2, 2007


This site is going through a momentary lapse in layout.

It'll be fixed rather soon, I just want to hash out all the details now. So just ignore the layout for the time being.