Wednesday, January 16, 2008

First Week

The first week of the new quarter is over and out and I'm expecting quite a busy few months ahead.

  • I've got 4 sketchbooks to maintain for 3 classes.
  • Several sculptures made of wire which I'm sure I won't do well with.
  • Two courses that require finished drawings almost every class.
  • Finally, two websites I'll have to maintain and work on.
This will prove to be an interesting quarter indeed.

The good news is that I'll be able to post more images, since I've got a lovely scanner and will probably have a lot more work that's appropriate to post.

Saturday, January 12, 2008


I just want to point out this fantastic entry by Rich at FourFour:

Just because I'm a fag, it doesn't mean I'm a bitch

He writes about an identity beyond your sexual preference. Really, brilliant stuff. Rich is one of my favourite bloggers, he's always quite well spoken and has a grand sense of humour.

I highly suggest visiting his blog if you love satire, pop culture, or just entertaining blogs.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Prescribe Me Something Cheap

So I won't need glasses in several months, and after this past year I hopefully won't need to replace my current ones. However, if bad luck hits me again and I do need to replace my frames, I'm not going to bother with expensive ones. I happened upon a Great Discovery:, which offers loads of eyeglass frames starting at $8. Super cheap compared to the $100+ frames you'd get from an optometrist, and they have a great selection of styles to choose from. Including a pair quite similar to my current frames:

Hopefully I won't need to worry about buying glasses for a good while, but if I do need a set of reading glasses, I'll look on Zenni Optical first.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Sketchy Sketchy

I'm sure none of this is quite interesting to anyone but I've got about 4 sketchbooks for 3 classes I'll need to fill in 3 months.

That's more sketching and books than I've ever had. This should prove to be an interesting quarter really.

It's so easy when I have a subject matter I need to fill the pages with. I'm a bit afraid of what will happen when I no longer have professors telling me what I need to draw. I didn't do too much sketching over break, and what I did do seemed unimaginative and dull. I feel like my imagination is starting to slip away and I'll get so caught up in the work world that I won't be able to think of anything creative anymore.

Only time will tell I guess.

Sunday, January 6, 2008


I'm back! Back in my lovely and just the right size dorm room. The trip down was good, fairly uneventful. Save for the boyfriend losing two hubcaps somewhere in Virginia. Oh well, they didn't match anyway.

Savannah's alright. I don't feel like I left for that long. Classes start tomorrow for us, so that part sucks but I'm fairly pleased with my selection for this quarter. A few Sequential courses should make up for the drawing time I lost over break because of work.

Even though I'm out of the state, work won't stop for me. Which is nice, because I like helping out and love earning money, even if it isn't much. I got a new game today, along with my boyfriend's roommate getting a new t.v. (LG LCD HDTV 22"= lovely looking games!), so that should waste my time accordingly. Huzzah for having a PC that can play games finally!

Once the week picks up I should have more to talk about, but for now I want to relax for the few precious hours I have before class tomorrow.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Back in to it...Again

Gah, one more day before I leave for school again! Awww poo. This winter break flew by (don't they all) and my last week wasn't spent the way I'd really love it. All alone, just slowly packing and having my days free from social interaction and business >.<

Oh well, at least I got to say a nice goodbye to VisArts for the time being. Till summer at least, but I know I'll hear from them continuously throughout the next two quarters.

My classes are all squared away and I'm ready to just get back into school. I'm also ready to not have to wake up too early each day and spend a lot of time puttering about. Man, I'm a boring person.

New Years was nice, we didn't do much. The boyfriend and I saw Sweeney Todd and had Indian food. Mhmmhm, Depp and Saag Chicken, a good combination.

Sweeney Todd was quite good, though far less humorous than I was thinking. I guess I wasn't expecting a full on drama with very few laughs, I love Tim Burton and Johnny Depp so I think I was hoping for a dark comedy. Having not seen the stage show, I guess I really didn't know what to expect really. There was a good amount of blood, and the film was quite dark overall.

I'm a bit confused though, where did Benjamin Barker get the name "Sweeney Todd" from exactly?

The ending also left a question or two unanswered but for spoiler's sake, I won't talk about it here.

Great film, lovely sets and dark costumes plus a whole truck-o-blood was used. What a wonderfully violent way to ring in the new year.