Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Busy Busy Bee

I am such a busy bee right now. Senior project is a real bear of work for me. 40 pages in 10 weeks, whew! I must be crazy. Oh well, it should all be worth it in the end.

Now, back to drawing flying cats!

I'll post at the end of this week with a few of the pages.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Moving On

Okay, honestly, the prospect of moving out is kind of daunting. Not knowing what the future holds for me, it's hard to gauge what I'll need and when I should buy it. I know I won't have much money, so I'll have to get some discount furniture, from Craigslist or something. Or I'll get lucky and be able to buy the college-graduate staple, Ikea. Hopefully I won't have to worry too much though. If J happens to get a great job at a game company not too far from our parents' houses, we'll be able to easily move, without worry of shipping and packing.

Class Act, All the Way

J doesn't have a roommate this quarter. Quite nice, I'd say. I'm sure he'd agree too. He was assigned a roommate, but we gave the guy until Tuesday to show up, or contact him in some way, before we decided to rearrange the room. Guess who never showed. Yep!

So, we changed the room around a bit. Turned it into a very acceptable single dorm room. Brought in a nice lamp to give the place a warmer glow and not have to use those awful florescent lights the rooms all come equipped with. We should probably class the joint up a bit, add some chandeliers, some fancy furniture, play some Mozart in the background all the time, you know really make the place feel expensive. Yeah, that's what we should do. So we can end our time in college on a fancy note.

Simpsons Obsession

Since last summer, I've been on such a huge Simpsons kick. Watching the DVDs I've bought over and over, at least 5 times since November. Which is crazy. Those $15 DVD sets have paid for themselves quite well. I guess my renewed love with the series is because...well, I don't get to watch them everyday with dinner anymore. And I never realized how much I missed out on the fantastic extras and commentaries. Ohohoho, I'm quite obsessed.

I've always loved the show, and have seen every episode ever aired on Fox (didn't get HBO when they were the shorts on Tracey Ullman). I had two toys, a Marge and Homer rubber set where you could move their limbs, to a degree. I lost the toys when we moved, and I've never forgiven myself. Hopefully one day I can find, or replace, them. Making me feel whole again.

Senior Project

Okay, so what I'm doing for my senior sequential project is a 40pg artbook featuring concept illustrations and a 5pg comic all related to two of my favourite subjects, robots and animals. I'm planning on doing everything from character designs, environment speed paintings, even pinups with sexy lingerie and all.

I'm working on the idea right now for the comic, but I'm thinking about a touchingly violent story about a little robot boy and his pet bee. Beyond that, I couldn't tell you the plot as it would spoil the lovely result.

I'm really quite excited to start this book project. By the end of the course I want it to be ready for publishing, and get it published for my portfolio over spring break. If all goes well, I'll also offer it for sale. Yes, I've got big plans this quarter. BIG plans.

Traveling Along

Man, packing for this quarter was hard. Aside from the usual stuff I needed to bring, I ended up spending quite a bit of time looking for stuff to fill the boxes I had. Not that, in my infinite wisdom, I thought at all about taking the extra paint or illustration board that I actually need. That's a whole other gripe though.

I should be pretty happy though, that I'm able to take more than just what will fit in a single Delsey luggage wheel bag. I can take a lot of stuff home and back to school. I'm glad I didn't decide to go to school on the west coast for this reason, it would just be a big pain in the end.

Wintery Business

Man, I'm busy this term. I've got a 40page artbook to create, and hopefully publish by spring break. Several comics that will be fully painted (WHOOO!!!), a few graphic design thangys of much note, and probably more stuff then I'm remembering right now.

In the meantime, I have gotten my portfolio site up, I'm very excited about this. As you see, there is another blog there, of the same name as this one. That's because I plan on phasing out this old blogspot location for Glitch Gallery. It'll take several months, I'm guessing 6 is a good estimate, because I really need to get back into this blogging thing.

I think I'll try to keep up with the process of the artbook, since 40 pages is a lot of work, but should be good fun when I'm done. It'll be a good learning experience. I'll post links from here to the blog, so you all won't feel too left out.

Anyhoo, on with winter term, 2009!