Sunday, June 24, 2007


Well, I suppose now is as good a time as any to talk about commissions.

I'm sure a good portion of my art is not really...attractive to most people. I'm somewhat specialized. However, I am rather diverse in the mediums I work in.

To see more of my art, visit my Deviant Art account.

If anyone is interested in a commission, here is what I typically do, however I am open to new suggestions and ideas.:

-digital (i.e. Adobe Photoshop)paintings
-traditional media such as charcoal, coloured pencil, pastel, watercolour, ink, and acrylic
-a cartoony/manga style
-life drawings. nude or clothed, male or female.
-gothic lolita
-adorable animals

It's tricky, pricing really depends on what you're interested in and the size. For example, a 14x9" charcoal portrait might cost $45 whereas a 8 1/2x11 black and white fanart of Card Captor Sakura would cost $15. I also charge more for multiple figures/characters. It's like a tattoo shop, more work=more money. Although, a little less permanent.
I own all rights to original artwork. You may not proclaim a piece I drew as your own work. That's just plain rude and dumb. I reserve the right to showcase a commission on my Deviant Art account or other websites(including this one). However, for you to use it on the web, if not specified initially, I need to be informed.

I will not draw hentai or porn, some softcore nudity is fine. You may not distribute my work. If you are interested in some sort of distribution deal, we can talk about that.

I can refuse to complete the commission if you turn out to be a creepy psychopath or a rude son of a bitch. In which case, you would get your money back.

I require that you pay me first before I begin the commission, I've had too many instances where someone didn't go through with the purchase.

If you use one of my pieces as a tattoo design, I'd love to see the end result!

If you like my work, please recommend me to your friends!

I currently accept payment via PayPal only. Once we discuss the commission, I'll provide that address.
Anything else:
I'm always up for doing commercial work, and have some skill in website development (as long as I get credit for either).
I rather enjoy designing original clothing as well as working with people to flesh out their own, perhaps not as well drawn, creations. If you happen to make a costume out of a design I drew, I'd love to see photos of it! Really, if you do anything with one of my drawings, I really enjoy getting a copy/photo of it.

To contact me, either leave a comment here with your email address and what you would like, or email me directly at ubiquitousg [at] gmail [dotcom], with the subject being Commission.
I guess that's it. For any other questions you can leave a comment or email me ^.^


bibi said...

Probably now it's too late for me.

Gally said...


Nope! It's never too late. If you're still interested drop me a comment or email me ^.^