Saturday, July 28, 2007

Quick and Yellow

Fast post because it is far too late and I need to get up early tomorrow.

While most of my friends looked forward to the release of the new Harry Potter film and book, I grew lazy and saw neither (nope, not even in a bookstore). What I was gearing up for was a small little film about a tiny family in quaint Springfield.

Now that film has come out and I plan to see it tomorrow then spend the rest of the day wallowing in Simpson glory (i.e. giggling and totally destroying my boyfriend in the Simpson Trivia Game). I haven't seen a movie in a theatre in about a year I think. This decision of cinema-celibacy was made for a few reasons:

1. I'm cheap and don't want to spend $7-9 to sit in some room with a bunch of people I'll learn to loathe.
2. I'm antisocial and really don't enjoy watching films in groups unless it's will a few friends.
3. I'm lazy and don't feel like driving to any cinema because that means I'll have to actually make an effort to do something outside of the house for entertainment. Ppft, screw that.

So yes, good for you Matt Groening, you have successfully ejected me out of my comfortable room and squishy downloaded movies into a real house of overly priced entertainment. And lo, when I enter that sticky dark theatre and sit down in those chairs that while large and with fabric cupholders do not allow for proper cuddling I will have this look of contentment on my socially-retarded, homebody face:

I may also be riding a donut contact high...

Yes, for me the Simpsons has been one of the most stable parts of my long, young life. With a show as old as I am and my addiction to television quite rampant, how could I ignore this 5some family from good old Springfield USA? I've stuck by the Simpsons like Lisa sticks by her id identification, faltering only when the writers suffer a lapse of stupidity.

Yes I'm proud to say that I have seen all 400+ episodes multiple times and will continue to watch, even when the episodes really suck. I know as much about the Simpsons as I do about my own family, which is saying a lot because gossip tends to travel well within my clan.

Once the Simpsons end, which will happen eventually, I really don't know how I'll be able to spend my Sunday nights. I'll feel so empty missing out on my weekly dose of underbite wielding citizens of absurdity. I guess I'll have to hope that Futurama stays on the air this time. Another Groening fav of mine.

So keep your pirates, wizards and superheroes. All I need is a nice red couch, a pink sprinkle donut (to match my unfortunately dyed shirt)and a t.v. that defies all logic.

mmmmmmm 20+ years of yellow entertainment filled with fried dough....galargalgah *drools*

[EDIT] Saw it, loved it, will own it. Would love to start a discussion about it.

Who else here has seen the Simpsons movie?
What are you're opinions on it?

Monday, July 23, 2007

Spectacular Spectral..uhm...Monday?

Forgive me for missing Saturday again. I was in the middle of working on a little pet project. However, now I do have something to show, one of the t-shirt designs for our Comic-Con. This one features our con mascot, Zapp.

*Please excuse the watermark and teenyness. This is an important piece, I don't want it to get abused.*

Zapp is an intergalactic insurance salesman who travels the universe with his twin sister getting all kinds of species turned onto vehicle insurance.

Hooray insurance salesmen!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Far, Far too long

Whoo! It feels like it's been forever since I last posted. The correct adapter finally arrived and now I have time to post. This'll be a biggie.

Most importantly, ZAPP! our Comic-Con is now listed on Comic Book

Click the add to go to our flier:

Hooray! We're a real convention now!

Also, I have the exhibition website up, but it's not quite ready for human eyes yet. A few more pages need to be tweaked and added. I'll obviously post it when I'm done though, same with the comic-con site.

I've been asked, along with another fabulous intern, to redo the VisArts website. So that's another thing that I'm helping out with.

So far we have the support of some wonderful comic artists and industry insiders. At the moment we're hoping to score Dark Horse for any sponsorship or even support they could provide. *crosses fingers*

Last night I finished the t-shirt design for our con. I'll post the artwork once I know it's been approved...and uhm...looks fabulous.

If any readers here are from the east coast I highly suggest you come to the convention and exhibition. We're really planning some great workshops and activities for kids as well as adults. The convention will be rather small (first time out, y'know?) however we will still have a masquerade contest as well as talks and featured artists.

I'm really looking forward to seeing this whole thing come together.


Now for something unrelated:

A while ago I was tagged by the wonderful Kate to do the Eight Things Meme. If my computer were alive I would have completed this on time, however considering the circumstances this is the earliest I can fill it out.

The rules are:

The rules are simple…Each player lists 8 facts/habits about themselves. The rules of the game are posted at the beginning before those facts/habits are listed. At the end of the post, the player then tags 8 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know that they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog.

Here we go:

1. Fact: I have only been on a private boat once in my life and never on a cruise.

2. Habit: I love to rub my fingernails against hems for some reason. I don't know why, I guess it's quite comforting. It's hard to explain but I get a little jolt of happiness when my nail gets slightly caught along a hem.

3. Fact: Of all the people we know who are in our age group, my boyfriend and I are winning in the long-term relationship competition. Okay, it's not really a competition, but whenever we learn how long another couple has been together we turn to each and proclaim that, "we win" because we've been together longer. 4 years is a long time for young adults, and each year becomes another notch on our long-term belt of win.

4. Habit: Sometimes when I'm eating I'll hum. I never notice myself humming but other people do. It's very odd.

5. Fact: I cannot ride a bike. I learned years ago but gave up for a more sedimentary lifestyle.

6. Habit: I always paint my fingernails and toenails. and they always have to be at least two different shades/colours.

7. Fact: I can't draw superheroes to save my life. Any man of steel that I attempt ends up looking 12-years-old.

8. Habit: I can't go a day without spending time online. I'm an internet addict and proud of it! Someday my retinas will detach and melt out of my head but at least I'll be entertained with net nonsense! seems like everyone I was going to tag has already done this meme. In which case, if you would like to participate leave me a comment with a link to your entry and I'll link your site here!

Friday, July 13, 2007


Gah! I miss my laptop so much >.<

Good news: I got the adapter yesterday

Bad news: It's the wrong one.

I went through Amazon Marketplace, so it's the seller's fault not mine. Luckily, they're being polite about the whole mix up and quickly replied to my email yesterday.
Today, after wrapping tape around the entire package and sticking it in a postal service bag, I sent back the wrong adapter.

They're sending out the correct adapter, today *crosses fingers*, so I can look forward to getting that perhaps...Monday? This weekend will last forever -.-

Monday, July 9, 2007


Sorry about missing Spectacular Spectral Saturday. I didn't have access to my own computer.

The updates here will be a little sparse for the next few days. My personal laptop's charger broke so I'm waiting for a new one. Sorry about this.

Everything should be back to normal as late as next week.

Till then, amuse yourself with something cute.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Interview with a Muffin Mumbler

Recently I got a chance to participate in an interview with the lovely Venomous Kate

You can read it here.

Although, one note. I'm female. Very, very female.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Golden, Silver and Bronze

This past week my boss was on vacation, which meant I got to work from home. I prefer to work from home, it's where I'm most comfortable and probably where I also get the most work done. I'm such an anti-social homebody.

Among my tasks to complete/work on this week is to compile a very thorough Excel chart listing:
-t.v. shows

from the Golden, Silver and Bronze age of comic books. At some point I'll tackle Modern age too, but that's a whole other issue. It's quite a task.

So far I've easily been able to compile lists of authors, writers, t.v. shows and movies from each age. What I am having trouble with is theatre, publishers, books, collectors, and editors.

Do any of you know of a good website that might have a listing of these things relating to the 3 ages of comics?

Wikipedia entries excluded unless they are comprehensive. I already have their Gold, Silver, and Bronze pages included as well as the lists for t.v. shows and films based on comics.

*Let's not ask why I'm not to look for the extremely interesting underground comic books. This exhibition is pretty family oriented (dern), so sadly R. Crumb and the rest of his crew get left out.

Monday, July 2, 2007

For the love of mini-fridges

A little while ago I won a mini-fridge from the fantastic Matt at Blog About Your Blog. It's rather cute I think and perfect for long car rides to keep drinks cool.

Ido not look nearly as cute as my cat does atop the fridge so he is the choice model for a mini-fridge mini-photoshoot.

To give you an idea of size, here is an average size cat on top of it.

And here he is lying next to it to show length.

Indeed, my cat gets along quite well with this fridge, treating it like any other cube-object that has sharp corners with which to scratch.

He seemed to enjoy perching on top of the fridge. I'm certain that if I turned on the heat (this fridge has settings for both cold and hot, so I can keep food warm as well) he would never move.

As much as my cat enjoys a new flat seat, I'm afraid I'll have to move him when I want to access my adorable mini-fridge. Thanks again Matt!