Monday, March 16, 2009

Bring on the Green!

Well, with St. Patrick's Day just a few days away, Savannah has been in full force with Irish themes, green everything, and tons of college kids and tourists lining the streets. I'm not a big fan of getting drunk and wandering the very crowded streets with other obnoxious drunkards, so I stay away from downtown that day. Call me antitsocial if you must, but that's really not my scene.

What is kind of cool is how the city dyes all of the water in public fountains green. Like this:
green fountain

This occurs mostly in the squares and Forsythe park, but I thought they dyed the river green too. It is pretty neat, but I can't imagine how well, gross it might look for green water to come out of wall fountains shaped like fish or children or something. I also don't know what they use other then food dye, but it's completely out of the system a day or two after the celebration. It also doesn't stain the statues or fountains, which is quite nice.

Yeah, I like to avoid the drunks, but there is a certain charm in green fountains.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Little TV Twisty

Oh, I love my little t.v. I do indeed. It's a Samsung LCD, 23" widescreen. Perfect for a dorm room, since the place isn't very big. My roommate and I get along quite well, and I don't see how we could function properly without a t.v. here. My only complaint, is that I have to turn the t.v. constantly if she wants to watch it, since I have to have it on a table closer to me.

It comes with holes on the back of the case, ready for a LCD mount, but there's no way to mount it on the wall of the room without massively damaging it. Or, worse yet, having to incur repair fees. I kind of wonder anyway how useful mounting the t.v. is. I'm sure if you're in a small room and need to conserve space, putting it on the wall makes sense. Also, if you need to have it at a certain height. But most of us would probably rather have the freedom to move the t.v. easily, and access all of the connections on the back without any trouble.

I'll probably never mount a t.v. on the wall, it seems so impractical. Turning it works just as well.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Watch the Watch

A few years ago, for an anniversary gift, I recall spending a bit of time looking at Nixon watches online with J, working to pick out the right one for him. He's not a big watch fan, and will often forget to wear one, but I wanted to get him something special. Something that he'd like wearing and hopefully would remember to do so often.

I'm the complete opposite. I wear a watch (digital, always digital) almost 24/7. Have since elementary school. I feel horribly naked without one, and pretty anxious too. I suppose it's a bit of an obsessive thing for me, though I don't care about buying a nice expensive watch. I'm fine with a $12-24 one, generally styled for men and waterproof, then a $60 gold analogue piece that looks more like a bracelet.

I've worn a watch so long now, that I've got permanent watch-tan and a bit of a skin discolouration. I think it's also affected the way my bones developed on my left arm. It's weird, probably gross to other people, but man, I need my watch. I suppose one day I should look into getting something like Nixon though, something nice to last a long time.

Only if it's digital, no analogue here!

Still holding off on the good stuff

We actually didn't visit Circuit City this weekend. Shocking, right? Even though sales are supposed to finally end this month, J and I are still contemplating going and seeing how much better the discounts can be.

I'm guessing stuff like video games are going to be completely out by next weekend, and DVDs are probably dwindling, but we're still going to look at things like printers and perhaps computer speakers. I'm realising that we need a good working printer, since his decided to crap out and not work with Windows Vista and mine is 400 miles away and low on ink. A nice wireless printer, like what I've got at home, would be amazing if we could get it for 50% (or more) off.

I'm still wondering what Circuit City is going to do with the surplus that's left over after everything is closed. Especially the furniture. I see signs everywhere letting customers know all the displays and furniture are for sale, but what casual consumer will walk in and decide to buy a checkout table?

I realized that if Circuit City hadn't gone out of business, I probably would have saved a bit of money this quarter. Oh well, chances like this are fleeting, so have at it while you can I suppose.

38 and feeling great!

I've just finished page 38 of my 40 page artbook for senior project and I'm feeling pretty good about that. That means I'm a bit ahead of schedule, and plan on finishing with over 40 pages when all is said and done.

Good, now I can relax a bit and work on other homework.

2 more weeks before the quarter ends and I'm pretty much ready for Spring break. God, I need a good rest.