Sunday, March 1, 2009

Still holding off on the good stuff

We actually didn't visit Circuit City this weekend. Shocking, right? Even though sales are supposed to finally end this month, J and I are still contemplating going and seeing how much better the discounts can be.

I'm guessing stuff like video games are going to be completely out by next weekend, and DVDs are probably dwindling, but we're still going to look at things like printers and perhaps computer speakers. I'm realising that we need a good working printer, since his decided to crap out and not work with Windows Vista and mine is 400 miles away and low on ink. A nice wireless printer, like what I've got at home, would be amazing if we could get it for 50% (or more) off.

I'm still wondering what Circuit City is going to do with the surplus that's left over after everything is closed. Especially the furniture. I see signs everywhere letting customers know all the displays and furniture are for sale, but what casual consumer will walk in and decide to buy a checkout table?

I realized that if Circuit City hadn't gone out of business, I probably would have saved a bit of money this quarter. Oh well, chances like this are fleeting, so have at it while you can I suppose.