Sunday, March 1, 2009

Watch the Watch

A few years ago, for an anniversary gift, I recall spending a bit of time looking at Nixon watches online with J, working to pick out the right one for him. He's not a big watch fan, and will often forget to wear one, but I wanted to get him something special. Something that he'd like wearing and hopefully would remember to do so often.

I'm the complete opposite. I wear a watch (digital, always digital) almost 24/7. Have since elementary school. I feel horribly naked without one, and pretty anxious too. I suppose it's a bit of an obsessive thing for me, though I don't care about buying a nice expensive watch. I'm fine with a $12-24 one, generally styled for men and waterproof, then a $60 gold analogue piece that looks more like a bracelet.

I've worn a watch so long now, that I've got permanent watch-tan and a bit of a skin discolouration. I think it's also affected the way my bones developed on my left arm. It's weird, probably gross to other people, but man, I need my watch. I suppose one day I should look into getting something like Nixon though, something nice to last a long time.

Only if it's digital, no analogue here!